Michael B.
Excellent Barbacoa quesadilla! I found this place while working on a job near by, I will go back with my family !
Brad Scott
Honest to god. I am from LA I have went to 7 Michelin restaurants and I can honestly say this is the single best food truck I have been to in years. The owner is a fantastic person making the food how he would like to eat it. 11/10 recommend going before you go to snow bowl and after because you WILL BE FULL!
Kelly T.
Really good tacos! Shrimp and barbacoa are delicious! Great service! Really nice people. These people care about what they are serving! It's blatantly obvious when you put it in your mouth!
Erick Pineda
If you want some fresh and delicious sea food, I’d suggest you give Baja Mar a try, all their food is delicious I highly recommend this food truck.
Rob Z.
On my way up the mountain headed to snow bowl, I spotted a lovely food truck and pulled over. I ordered the seafood stew/soup and it was chock-full of perfectly cooked shrimp, calamari with fresh vegetables, and a delicious broth! There was enough in the container for three people, so luckily I could save the rest for dinner. This truck/restaurant is so clean and the owner is super nice and helpful.
Raymond Chaira
Amazing food! It was very fresh and seasoned well. I highly recommend the Governor taco with the spicy salsa! All the tacos are great. The quesadilla was essentially a closed taco and was perfect for dipping in the spicy salsa. I hope more people find this food truck and try it. Definitely one of the best places to eat seafood in Flagstaff!
Steve S
What a great surprise. Just happened to be driving by on their opening day. Incredible menu. Four (!) different kinds of Chevice. Shrimp Albongias. Got an urge for Octopus? They got it. That's what I'm getting next time. Incredible. I took the safe choice the first time, went for the Asada Tacos. These people must be out of their minds. What I got was tacos overloaded with tender spicy beef, lots of beef, lots of fresh cilantro, onions, spices. Soooo good. What the heck? No beans, no rice, no fillers, just a truckload of tender beef. Good thing I got there early. The line was 20 deep by the time I got my order. They're a legit pop-up. Saturday is their only day at the 2200 East Cedar location. The husband and wife owners told me that they move around own town to worksites the other 6 days of the week. There's supposed to be a Twitter and Facebook page with their location schedule but I couldn't find it. Maybe an opening day glitch? Too bad, looks like I have to wait a week to try them again.